Our Law Office

The Law Office of Paweł Razowski, lawyer, holding doctor’s degree, constitutes a dynamically developing law company seated in Wrocław. Knowledge and experience of our lawyers translate into high level professional and comprehensive legal assistance in all areas of the law, especially in the scope of:

  • Administrative law (including commercial law, real property law, planning and spatial development law, construction law),

  • Administrative, tax, court and administrative proceedings,

  • Tax law,

  • Banking law,

  • Commercial law,

  • Bankruptcy and reorganization law;

  • Public procurement law,

  • Civil and family law,

  • Penalty law with the focus on penalty commercial law and penalty tax law.

We offer a full scope of legal services, including:

Preparation of lawsuit documents,

Legal representation in court proceedings (before common courts, administrative courts and the Supreme Court) and administrative proceedings (including tax proceedings),

Provision of legal advice,

Preparation of specialist opinions and legal expertise,

Preparation and giving opinion about contracts (e.g. contracts for the provision of construction work, contracts for specific work, mandate contracts, rental agreements, lease contracts, leasing agreements),

Establishment and registration of commercial law companies,

We guarantee the highest level of legal services, always trying to find optimum solutions for our Clients and applying the principles of professional conduct.
The law office is located in Wrocław but we render our services in the whole territory of Poland, additionally cooperating with other law offices in Poland and abroad. We are also in a regular contact with the offices of tax advisors, with notarial offices, court enforcement officers and sworn translators.
In the course of our operations to date we have attracted a group of regular Clients both in Poland and abroad, and their number is constantly growing. We render services both for corporate and individual Clients. Moreover, we provide legal assistance for local government units and self-government organizational units. Our regular Clients include for instance local government units, cultural and art institutions as well as numerous commercial law companies (including companies with German, Italian and French capital), and also individual entrepreneurs from fuel, electronic, IT, construction, development, fixture, gastronomy and pharmacy industry.
We provide legal assistance in Polish, English and German.
We do encourage to visit our law office.